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Update 2.0.1 | 08/08/2022

There have been soo many updates that I can't even keep up with it anymore. While the new update bought a ton of features it also bought a lot of bugs. There are still some bugs present but hopefully they'll be fixed soon.
Bug fixes:
- Fixed issues with all leaderboards not being paginated - Rank cards not showing the correct user positions - Users that are using Discord in French we're unable to use any commands - Cooldown wasn't working globally - Fixed an issue where the whole bot would restart when it didn't have permissions to reply to a message - You should now get a dm when you vote or an import is complete - Fixed issue with voice exp blacklist not working - Fixed a bunch of embed/language issues - Fixed issue with /announce test and /test not working properly when sending to another channel - Fixed issues with how voice works and members not getting the exp they deserve - Lootboxes just became a little bit cooler
- Fixed issue with commands not replying to guilds that have no icon (This may still occur with some commands, will fix over the next couple of days) - Fixed issues with import only importing the first 1,000 members instead of all the members. - Alot more stuff...
Future: The future seems bright, we've been doing really well with this new update and we hope we can keep growing. Thank you so much for all the support and love
. I want to introduce some more risks to your servers leveling economy... That's all I'll say for now.
Dashboard: The dashboard is in the works again, while this isn't going to be released next week it is being worked on and I want to make sure it's easy to use and has a nice UI. While working on Kyu v2 the dashboard was put on hold but it's become my main focus again. Kyu International Read the post above and help Kyu learn new languages.

Supporting translations | 08/03/2022

Hey, I talked a bit about it in the last post but we're trying to make @KyuBot learn some new languages. I'd love to be able to just translate all these but I'm pretty dumb and only know barely two languages. So we're hoping you guys can help us create translations of the current commands for a variety of different languages.
I found Crowdin which makes translations a bit simpler (hopefully). Link:

Update 2.0.0 | 08/02/2022

KyuBot v2 is finally finished!
The long awaited update is finally here. Multiple language support - still need to translate them all Better/more optimised system for amariimport and mee6import, you can now import from Tatsu bot.
New features:
  • Multiple language support (work in progress)
  • You can finally customise embeds
  • There are A LOT more variables for announcements
  • You can now import levels from Tatsu
  • Voice has a few fixes, including blacklisted voice roles now actually work
  • Reset now has a extra options along with ability to reset users
  • You can now check leaderboard for normal levels, koth, and voice
  • Ability to check normal and voice rank cards
  • Lootboxes are now reset every Monday at 23:00 UTC
  • Givexp now assigns roles to users when go over a level
New commands:
  • Embed (Customise embeds)
  • Import (Replacing Amariimport & Mee6import)
  • Test (Test custom announcements)
  • Type (Wanted to make announce a bit short so...)
  • Lootbox stats (Check how many lootboxes you've opened)
Removed commands:
  • Amariimport (Moved to /import)
  • Mee6import (Moved to /import)
  • Prefix


Message: - New variables (26 total)
Customize: - You can now customize the title, description, image and color for global announcements - Option to set description back to default
Variables: - List of all available variables
Removed: - Type (has been moved to it's own command) - Embed (has been moved to it's own command)


Embeds have been improved MASSIVELY, and I want to introduce custom embeds and embeds for specific levels.
Add: - Add a new embed for a specific level
Remove: - Remove an embed from a specific level
Customize: - Customize the title, description, image, and color for global announcements or specific level - Set description to default for global announcements or specific level
Ping: - Disabled/enable pings for global announcements or specific level embeds
Toggle: - New option to toggle embed for global announcements or specific embeds
Test: - Test announcements for global announcements or a specific level
Variables: - List of all available variables


Another new command, well kinda... amariimport and mee6import have been combined into /import. Along with introducing imports from Tatsu.
Users can currently select to import from one of the following bots:
  • AmariBot
  • Mee6
  • Tatsu


There hasn't been many updates with koth, but keep an eye out for some really cool stuff coming for this command soon. BUT, there has been one update, there's a MUCH nicer embed for when announcing koth winners.


Not many people use the reset command (one of the least used commands). Nevertheless, there have been a few updates to this command as a few users requested.
Users: - You can now reset specific users, even if they have left the server.
Settings: You can now reset the following settings:
- Announce - Blacklist - Goodbye - Ignore - Koth - Voice - Welcome - Points - Settings


Not too many updates here yet, but rewards limit has now been upped from 25 to 30 roles. I'm still messing with this so it may decrease or increase randomly without any announcements.
Along with that there were some bugs with the rewards slash command where it wouldn't recognise the mentioned role, this has now been fixed. Also there's a better embed now :)


You can now update the level of multiple members, this is done by providing a level for all members which have a specific role.
This is still a bit buggy due to the way discord works (we can't get member roles until they send a message). I'm trying to figure out a way to improve this, so hopefully soon that issue will be fixed.


This might be removed but you can now use this command to test the global announcement or specific level announcements.


Another new command for your cute face :). You can change where the announcements are sent/type of announcements sent.
You can select all announcements to be sent to a specific channel, only roles with rewards to be sent, announcements sent to user dms or sent in the channel where the user levels up.


Not much new here but there have been some nice embeds introduced for this, along with a bunch of bug fixes.
Also you can now check the leaderboard for voice levels.


Leaderboard has not that many changes for you, but on the backend there has been many improvements and fixes.
But there are a few new features with leaderboards:
- All leaderboards are now paginated, so you can go through each page. - Member's who have no experience are no longer shown on the leaderboard. - If there are no members with experience the bot actually replies and tells you instead of creating dummy data.
You can now check the following leaderboards:
- Normal - Voice - Koth


I love this command (mainly cause it feeds my addiction), but there are a few new features.
Stats: - Check the total amount of lootboxes you have opened in the specific guild. - Check how many lootboxes you have left until rare/gold lootbox
- Open a lootbox to earn experience - New animations for lootboxes (WIP | Only available for donators)
- Server admins can now disable lootboxes for all members.


While there's no new features there are some UI improvements for this command.
- UI has been added which allows users to use buttons to change opacity and get live updates of what the opacity looks like.
Background & overlay:
- Mainly backend updates, but images are now compressed and resized to fit the current canvas size. So make sure you have the correct resolution for images.


BADGES ARE FINALLY BACK, along with a few other updates which are pretty cool.
- Fixed a lot of issues when users tried to check another users rank. - You can no longer check the rank of a bot (I don't want bots in my database)
- You can now check experience for both normal and voice ranks


Not very cool stuff here but users will now be given roles when they reach a specific level that has rewards.


Again not very cool stuff here but when users lose a level and go under reward level, that role will be removed from the user.

Update 1.5.5 | 07/20/2022

Luckily, we've been pretty bug free lately but in the last few days I've seen a few bugs pop up. So here's a log of all the updates and fixes.
Bug fixes:
- Issues with leaderboard not showing any members - Reward levels being changed when removing a reward from a specific level - Setlevel breaking when when a user is mentioned - Reward slash having issues with getting the correct roles
New Version
I was meant to release the new version of the bot this week, but... there were some issues I needed to fix before releasing. Along with that I also added a lot more features than I was originally going to be. So ALOT more features coming soon!

Update 1.5.4 | 06/28/2022

Bug fixes:
- Profile not returning errors when users input invalid arguments - Wrong color being set when using profile color green - Ignore slash command not removing ignored commands - Bug command not returning error when user input not valid information - Voice slash command not showing a response to some settings - Fixed bugs with announce not responding when input is incomplete - Fixed bug with goodbye not responding when input is incomplete
THANK YOU We just hit over 500 servers, which is insane. Hopefully we can keep growing and there are going to be some amazing updates coming very soon

Update 1.5.3 | 06/19/2022

Didn't think there was going to be another updated before v2 but I ended up updating a few things and fixing some bugs. Also SLASH COMMANDS ARE ENABLED.
Bug fixes:
- Leaderboard numbers messed up - Fixed issue where everyone can use admin commands - Removing using ignore commands is fixed - Fixed issues with some variables not working in announcement messages - Fixed issues with roles not being given when levelling up - Fixed issues with setlevel not setting the correct exp when set to level 0 - Created a few new bugs
- Updated a few embeds

Update 1.5.2 | 06/02/2022

SLASH COMMANDS ARE DISABLED. Due to some major issues slash commands have been disabled until further notice (likely until Sunday). Sorry for the inconvenience, I will try my best to fix the issues as soon as possible.

Update 1.5.1 | 04/15/2022

This is the final update for a while, I'm gonna be gone for a while so there won't be an update until probably May/June. But, when I do come back there is gonna be a MASSIVE update which will offer a load of new features, website updates, dashboard, slash commands and soooo much more.
Feature updates
- If a user doesn't have admin access they can't assign an admin role to k!rewards - Profile colors now allows donators to use hex colors
Bug fixes
- Issue with rewards not assigning multiple roles - Issues with not giving crates - Issues with icons on rank card not loading properly - Issues with ignore command not being able to add commands using aliases - Issues with users not being able to assign more than 1 reward role for whole guild - Lootbox percentage system glitches and doesn't reward users the correct boxes - Buff to lootbox percentages
And as always thank you guys for all the support and love
. We have a lot of stuff coming out very soon for you guys to enjoy.

Website | 04/04/2022

I've spent wayyyy too long working today on the website but it's finally done. And looks moderately decent, let me know your thoughts. I will be updating it over this week if I find any bugs/responsive issues. Along with that the bot servers have been moved to new servers, so everything might be a little faster. I will hopefully try to get out another update this week and then I'm gonna take a few weeks off (going on a holiday). So if you have any bugs/issues right now would be the best time to let me know so I can fix those things before I leave. As always THANK YOU sooo much for all the support you guys have shown and lets keep on growing the bot

Update 1.5.0 | 03/26/2022

I forgot to post this yesterday, but we do have a lot of updates and bug fixes this week. Main update this week is LOOTBOXES, they're finally out and you can get a lot of exp from them. Over the next few weeks updates are going to slow down as I'm starting work on the new version of the bot, KyuBot 2.0 . I'll provide more information about that later on but for now lets get into this update.
Feature updates
- Lootboxes: This item can be earned by voting for the bot at and will reward users with exp. Lootboxes can also be disabled in a guild using k!lootbox disable (Can be only used by admins) - You can now check the variables available for announcements using k!announce message variables - Users can now disable direct message notifications from the bot for announcements using k!dm disable/enable
Bug fixes
- Rank cards not showing booster badge - Rank cards showing undefined & object when user exp is reset - Changed embed designs - Leaderboard now returns error message when koth is disabled - Fixed issues with logging error messages and returning users a message when errors occur - Fixed issues with announcements not sending to specific channels

Verification | 03/24/2022

Feels like we've been waiting a month for this... Oh wait we have been
. BUT FINALLY WE'RE VERIFIED, thank you guys soo much for all the support you have shown over the past 2 months. There's sooo much in the works right now and I can't wait to release new features, but in the mean time you should check out k!lootbox (Will post information about new update tomorrow).

Update 1.4.0 | 03/04/2022

IT'S UPDATE DAY AND WE'VE HAD A LOT OF UPDATES THIS WEEK! The week has been hectic with all the updates, but everything is finally running smooth. SLASH COMMANDS are completed and available for all guilds. There has is a long list of other features, bugs, and just general issues fixed.
Feature updates
- Profile has massive changes (available for selected users): Users can now set backgrounds Users can now set overlays User can adjust the opacity of the overlay Users can now enter hex colours - Donators no longer have cooldowns - Badge positions fixed on rank cards - Role reward limit increased from 25 to 50 - Slash commands - Added maximum level users can reach
Bug fixes
- Changed all icons on embeds - Embeds showing undefined as prefix - Issue with bot not assigning roles when same role is set on two different levels - Announcement messages not sending when users earn roles - Rewards variable for announcement messing up when there are no rewards setup - Setlevel provides no response when levels are over 100 - Profile colour setting the wrong colour for green
Bot verification
Applied for bot verification almost two weeks ago and we are still waiting for an answer from Discord. Sadly, not being verified has affected our growth quite a bit recently, so hopefully we'll get a response soon. But for those who can't invite the bot, we apologise for the inconvenience but currently it's just not in our hands and it's something we can't.
Future update
The future holds a lot in its hand. With all of the amazing support, I've been so motivated to work on the bot and it's future. Recently, I haven't been releasing many updates but soon we'll be releasing the first version of our dashboard. I'm trying my best right now to try make the dashboard super simple to understand and use. While there is much work to be done, the dashboard is super close to being complete.

Update 1.3.2 | 02/26/2022

I forgot to post this yesterday, but there's been a few updates this week. Nothing major right now but we have some really cool stuff coming soon.
Feature updates
- Profile now accepts colour as well as color. - Green color has now been added to profile. - You can now test announcements using k!announce test - Changed the design for leaderboard embeds
Bug Fixes
- Issue where announcements were not being sent when set to default - Issue with voice not sending any level up announcements - k!amariimport errors when Amari hasn't been in the server - Issue with leaderboard not showing for koth
Future updates
Currently I've been working a lot on the website/dashboard so there hasn't been many updates to the bot lately. Hopefully, soon we'll get back into a position of constant updates and feature release. Talking about feature releases, we're currently working on slash commands and are hoping to release them within the next 2 weeks. Thank you everyone for all the support lately

Update 1.3.1 | 02/18/2022

It's been a slow week in all ends, but there have been a few bug fixes/feature updates. Most of them are rather small but nonetheless here's what I've been up to this week.
Feature updates
- Leaderboard embed has a nicer look, it shows the username now instead of mentioning user. This was mainly because mentioning users would show @Invalid User. - Rank cards have now been updated to show the badge spots (And some members may already have a badge) - Updated rank card for interaction commands
Bug Fixes
- Announcements for koth had issues not finding the correct channel - koth announcements can only be sent to text channels. This is temporary, will be fixed in the future. - When issues occur users will now get an embed stating the error. - Stats embed now shows a bit more information and has an improved layout - Users now get dm'd for voting - A lot of backend boring fixes that don't really matter but yeah...

Update 1.3.0 | 02/11/2022

A lot of bug fixes this week, with one major feature release. While the new feature is rather basic, as time goes on I'll be adding a lot more to this feature.
- A temporary leaderboard which awards the top member a specific role. - Users earn 1 exp per message. - Cooldown is the same as normal exp. - Custom leaderboard for know k!leaderboard koth - Check out all the current features using k!help koth
Feature updates
- Updated the font on rank cards, should be more clear now. - Added Koth to the leaderboard command - Updated stats command to show more information - Updated default prefixes, you can now ping @KyuBot and it counts as a prefix
Bug Fixes
- Fixed issue where k!leaderboard would reset cooldown for top 10 members - Fixed issue with user/guild icons not showing embeds - Voice from now going forward, counts how long you've spent in a channel
Future updates
Updates for this week are going to be pretty slow, I'm working on some stuff which will take a while to complete. So next week I'll be back to working on new features, but I think this week is mainly going to be bug fixes and small feature updates.

Update 1.2.0 | 02/04/2022

This week has been a bit of a slow week for the updates, I'm working on some big stuff I think everyone is gonna love
. But nonetheless lets get into this weeks updates!
- Making it easier to reset guild settings. The following settings can be reset: - Announce - Blacklist - Ignore - Voice - Goodbye - Welcome - Rewards - Points - Settings
- You can now change the rank card colours using k!profile colour <colour> - Currently working on features to change opacity/background image.
New features
- k!settings - Check all the current server settings. - Cooldown for commands now applies to all commands (3 seconds cooldown) instead of individual commands - Added more aliases for commands
Bug fixes
- Fixed issue where occasionally leaderboard wouldn't show up - Fixed issues where embeds have the wrong colour - Changed information/layout of various embeds - k!reset all has been changed to k!reset settings - Fixed issue with embeds not showing up when there is no user/guild avatar.
Future updates
This weeks features have been pretty slow, but I've been working on some fun stuff for servers. Hopefully within the next week or two, I'll be releasing koth. You'll be able to start a temporary leaderboard, and add rewards for the winners whenever the leaderboard is reset!!

Update 1.1.0 | 01/28/2022

The first week of release has been soo much better than I thought it was going to be, so thank you guys for all the support
. There has been a lot of bug fixes and updates in the past week. I'll try my best to post updates/bug fixes at the end of each week.
Rank cards
- The embeds were nice, but the rank cards look much better. - Currently working on customisation for rank cards, so color changes, opacity, backgrounds and maybe more stuff coming soon.
Voice Exp
- Voice exp is now fully working and has it's own levelling system. - By default users earn 3 exp every 2 minutes and need a minimum of 2 users in the voice channel. - Currently improving the levelling system, which will allow users to earn rewards for being in voice channels.
New features
- You can give members a KyuMod role and they can run admin commands. - Users are rewards for voting - Voice stack has been removed and voice now has it's own system. - You can right click users and check their rank through Apps (PC only).
Bug Fixes
- k!setlevel didn't set level for pinged user. - k!bug now has a better embed. - Exp is now given when users speak in threads. - Imports now delete old member data and create a new profile. - Imports now require confirmation from users. - Rank cards now show the correct position. - Fixed issue with not being able to check other member's rank. - Fixed issue with goodbye not enabling/disabling. - Changed design for all help embeds. - Roles are now assigned properly upon a member joining the server.
Again thank you guys for the amazing support and I'll try to post updates every week or bi weekly on Fridays

Bot release | 01/25/2022