Admin Commands

Admin commands can only be used by users with the Administration permission or if they have a role called KyuMod.
If you need more help with the commands, please join the KyuBot support server.
Description: Change the custom message or find out more information. Change announcement message back to default. Check the currently available variables. Enable/disable pings for announcement messages. Test the current announcement message. You can enter up to 1250 characters for the custom message.
Default setting: Ping: enabled
Commands: announce message custom announce message default announce message variables announce ping announce test
Examples: /announce message custom <text> /announce message default /announce message variables /announce ping /announce test
Change settings for level up announcement messages.
Announce Variables
{} | @KyuBot {user.tag} | KyuBot#9767 {} | KyuBot {user.avatar} | User Avatar {} | 932319321559015526 {user.nick} | User nickname {user.exp} | User experience
{level} | Obtained level {level.previous} | Previous level {level.previous.exp} | Previous level experience {} | Next Level {} | Next level experience
{reward} | Obtained role {} | Obtained role name {reward.rolecount} | Obtained role member count {reward.rolecount.progess} | Percentage of roles user has from all roles obtainable {reward.previous} | Previous role {} | Next role
{} | Server name {} | Server ID {server.icon} | Server icon
{channel} | Announcement channel {} | Announcement channel name {} | Announcement channel ID
{date} | Wednesday, July 27, 2022 7:04 PM (It shows the current date in this format)
The currently available variables.
Description: Adds/removes a channel to the blacklist. Adds/removes a role to the blacklist. Shows a list of currently blacklisted roles and channels.
Commands: blacklist channel <add|remove> <channel> blacklist role <add|remove> <role> blacklist show
Examples: /blacklist channel add bot-commands /blacklist role remove bots /blacklist show
Blacklist channels/roles from gaining exp.
Description: Sets if announcements are sent with embeds or without. Customise the embed different sections of embeds. Add an embed for a specific level. Test the current announcement message. Remove an embed for a specific level. Get a list of all the variables available for KyuBot.
Default setting: enabled
Commands: embed toggle <enable|disable> embed customize <title|description|image|color> <text|url> <level> embed add <level> embed test embed test <level> embed remove <level> embed variables
Examples: /embed toggle disable /embed customize color yellow 1 /embed add 20 /embed test /embed test 20 /embed remove 19 /embed variables
Change settings for announcements.
Description: Change settings for when users leave the guild.
Default setting: Disabled
Command: goodbye clear <on|off>
Example: /goodbye clear on
Change settings for when users leave the guild.
Description: Adds/removes a command to the ignored list. Adds/removes a channel to the ignored list. Shows a list of currently ignored commands and channels.
Commands: ignore <add|remove> <command> ignore <add|remove> <channel> ignore show
Examples: /ignore add settings /ignore add General /ignore show
Ignore channels/commands when they are ran.
Description: Import levels from various other bots into Kyubot. You can curretnly import levels from: AmariBot Mee6 Tatsu
Command: import <bot>
Example: /import Tatsu
Import levels from various other bots into Kyubot.
Description: Starts the koth event. Ends the koth event in the specified channel. Set a reward for the top member of the koth leaderboard. Shows the koth leaderbaord for the server.
Default setting: disabled
Commands: koth setting start koth setting end <channel> koth reward <role> koth leaderboard
Examples: /koth setting start /koth setting end rank-check /koth reward Koth Winner /koth leaderboard
A temporary leaderboard, which allows the top member to earn different rewards.
Description: Resets all settings of the command you use.
Command: reset <announce | blacklist | goodbye | ignore | voice | welcome | points | settings>
Example: /reset ignore
Reset specific settings for the current server.
Description: Set a role to be given when a member reaches the specified level. Remove a role from being given at the specified level. Set roles to be stacked or replaced after gaining a new role. Shows all roles set to levels.
Default setting: Stack: enabled / on
Commands: rewards add <level> <role> rewards remove <level> rewards stack <on|off> rewards show
Examples: /rewards add 5 Level5 /rewards remove 5 /rewards stack off /rewards show
Change settings for role rewards.
Description: Set a member to the specified level. Level: 0 - 100 for non-donors 0 - 250 for donors
Command: setlevel <user> <level>
Example: /setlevel @Kyubot 35
Set a member's level or level for member's who have a specific role.
Description: Set where announcement messages are sent. Send announcement messages only when a reward is being given. Direct announcements messages to a specific channel.
Default setting: default
Commands: type set <default|dm|off|rewards> type channel <channel>
Examples: /type set dm /type channel level-up
Change settings for where the announcements are sent.
Description: Enable or disable voice exp. Blacklist a channel / role from gaining exp in voice channels. Shows the voice leaderboard for the server. Shows all voice settings.
Default settings: Voice exp: disabled Multiplier: 3 exp Cooldown: 2 minutes min. Users: 2
Commands: voice setting <enable|disable> voice blacklist channel <add|remove> <channel> voice blacklist role <add|remove> <role> voice leaderboard voice show Examples: /voice setting enable /voice blacklist channel add AFK /voice blacklist role remove Muted / voice leaderboard /voice show
Change settings for voice exp.
Description: Set a role for users to gain upon joining the server.
Default setting: Disabled
Commands: welcome role <role> welcome disable
Examples: /welcome role Level 0 /welcome disable
Change settings for when users joins the server.
If you need more help with the commands, please join the KyuBot support server.